Robert E. McMillan.
Mr. McMillan is a Certified Financial Examiner. He has nearly
Examiner. He performed as a Federal Examiner in Charge  
dealing with Insurance Companies and numerous other
multi-billion dollar Fortune 500 Companies; McMillan has
in-depth knowledge of operations of both public and private
companies and the methods of the Securities and Exchange
Commission. He graduated from the University of Central
Florid majoring in quantitative economics; McMillan did post
graduate studies at University of West Florida with his Major
Thesis in oil & Gas.       ( CFE, CPA, MBA, BSBA)
Garry C. Duncan.
Duncan is a graduate of the University of California at Los
Angeles, plus he has steadily attended many post graduate
studies over the years in such as Law & Finance; Market
Trends & Perspectives; Management and Accounting. He holds
both a personal real estate brokers license and a Caldwell
Banker broker license. Duncan is a certified general real estate
appraiser. Duncan has extensive experience performing
in-depth feasibility studies on companies and projects; 30 years
in finance, development of bond programs; extensive experience
with environmental protection agencies and is an Expert
Witness for Superior Courts in California. Duncan's clients
have numbered in the  hundreds, including: governmental
agencies, cities, counties, state and federal agencies. His
dealings include major U.S. and international banks. In years
past has was a top executive of both Graham Energy and   
Wolfstone Corporation, both oil and gas companies. Duncan's  
extensive experience includes dealing with the Securities and
Exchange Commission and was a partner managing principal of
Duncan, Duncan  & Associates for 30 years.
Michael Howard Price: Liaison between Icon Foundation and its
projects. Price has served as an officer and director in Icon
International Foundation and other private companies
periodically over 25+ years, He acquired extensive internal
business operations experience functioning as Head of the
technology dept  and General Assistant for  members ofthe
Executives Group, and  the U.S Journal. From education and
first hand experience over past years, Price has acquired
extensive background in structural engineering and fluid
dynamic engineering, He has participated in building oil
refineries,  off shore oil derrick platforms, wineries and other
structures. He performed over-site on properties owned by
several consultants in the Executives Group and became a
professional photographer on a part time basis for the U S
Joutnal. He has contributed many hours per month to Icon
Foundation and the Foundation's Sight Quest project over the
last ten years.  
Marie N. (Nicki) Rolfe.  
Retired from business since 2007. Founder of several business
consulting organizations including The Executives Group,
assisting private and public corporations. In past years, Rolfe
has founded several companies and served as an officer and  
director of both private and public corporations, including
serving as President and Chairman of two Texas oil companies
as well as the Phoenix Summus Corporation which was sold to a
Canadian Group in 1996. She has had extensive hands on
experience with methods of the Security and Exchange
Commission relative to her involvement with public
corporations. She has many years of in-depth business and
finance experience. Educated in the US and Europe with a
Laurea Musica Classica Degree from University of Balogna.
Rolfe with her father Howard Nelson Rolfe formed Icon
International Foundation in 1971
International Capital Projects

Paul DeCouto:  Advisory Chair
Lorna DeCouto: Member
Committee for Foreign Project     
  Howard N. Rolfe Institute of Science
Board of Trustees and Advisory Board  
Sight Quest Institute
Vision Educational Programs;
Free Lectures
Free Vision Enhancement Units
Director H. D. Blethen        
Francis N. (Mac) McMillan: V. P. and director
Francis N. (Mac) McMillan is a retired General Engineer with a
complex history involving primarily NASA, and General Electric
along with  several other entities. He served in the positions of
Program Manager and Director, supervising about 85 members
of personnel, including: Division Chief, Branch Chief,
Laboratory Supervisor, Project leader, advanced preliminary
designer of, an Air to-Air Missile renamed as Advanced Medium
Range Air-to-Air Missile (AMRAAM). ARAAM is a source of
American superiority. McMillan Wrote Comparative Flight Plan
Analysis for the First Apollo Rendezvous Mission, a blue print
for landing on the moon which was recognized for a nomination
for the Nobel Prize in Physics. He served as Technical Director
(a generic term ) for approximately 100 science and engineering
personnel. McMillan wrote winning proposal for the first
satellite with a life expectancy based on state-of-the –art
microelectronics. At one point in his early history he was a state
chemist for food, drugs and crime. Mr. McMillan was a World
War II Naval Officer. He also published discoveries which
provided the background for three Nobel Prizes in Chemistry.
National & International Directors
Marie (Nicki) Rolfe .......... Chair
Garry C. Duncan ..............Director
Robert   McMillan .............Director /CPA
Board of Trustees

Samuel J, Routson. ……………. Chair: Colonel Samuel J. Routson (U.S.M.C., Ret.)
Prior to Marine Corps Sam served 2 presidents: Regan and Bush, as Deputy Assistant Secretary of the
Navy and was awarded the Navy’s Distinguished Public Service Medal. However, Sam has a Strong
business management history: is, and has been for a number of years, an officer in one of America’s
largest private integrated agricultural and food processing companies. Sam Routson is Chief
Administrative Officer of the “Nevada Governors office of Economic Development.”  
Has served on numerous public and private Boards. (See more extensive Vita elsewhere in this Plan)   

Joan Strohauer: ……………….. Trustee:  Professor at University of San Francisco for 15 years, in
Organizational leadership. Government: developed, facilitated and evaluated Leadership Program for
Defense Logistic Agency in ten different locations throughout the western US for over 800 personnel
members.  Federal:  For 25 years managed development and curriculum for five state regions for Federal
training centers: Subjects: Management, Supervision, Leadership, Instructional Design and

Michael (Mike) Elbert: ……………….. Trustee: Masters in Engineering; Project manager and Engineering
Specialist; for Siemens Industry, Fairbanks, Alaska for period of years until 2012. Developed Laboratory for
Electrical Technology research.. Currently Electrical Systems Technology Instructor at Great Basin
College, NV  .

Dennis Duffy: …………………   Trustee: (Retired) President and CEO of ‘Financial Credit Union’ in California
for 33 years. He was accountable for development of all lending programs: initiated the Credit Union’s
lending programs and protocol as well as        Programs for employee professional development, including
public relations.    

Tracy Peterson Turner: ………  Trustee:  Chief Philanthropy Officer for nearly 15 years for Community
Foundation of Western Nevada. From 1995 to 2001: active duty in United States Air Force. PhD from
University of Northern Texas

Thomas Klien: ………………… Trustee: Director of Career & Technical Education for Humboldt County
School District. Was Principal at Southside Elementary and Mound Valley School, Elko, Nevada for period
of years. He wrote NREA, Comprehensive School Reform, Remediation and SB 404 Grants $800,000;
Organized “Spartan Welding” successful school based program: taught welding and prepared students
for entry level welding jobs in the area gold mines.

Dr. William Payne: …………....  Trustee: Dr William (Bill) Payne, Dean of College of Agriculture,
Biotechnology and Natural Resources, University of Nevada, Reno. (CABNR/ NAES/ UNR)  World traveled:
back from Ethiopia as Director of  a $150,000,000. research program regarding food security and
livelihoods in arid areas of the world.

Dr. Nicholas Savidov: …………..   Trustee:   Dr. Savidov is a Professor and Scientist.
Nick Savidov will serve as Co – Director with Dr. William Payne of the Rolfe Institute’s
College of Agriculture. Dr. Savidov is world traveled and held in high regard in many countries.

Jim French: ……………………  Trustee:  The Honorable Jim French, Humboldt County, Nevada Board of
Commissioners.  Biologist  for Nevada Department of Wildlife for 30 years. Has appeared before the Sub-
Committee on Oversight and Investigations Committee on National Resources, United States House of

Francis (Mac) McMillan: ……..  Trustee:  retired General Engineer with a complex history involving
primarily NASA, and General Electric. Division Chief: was the advanced preliminary designer of, Advanced
Medium Range Air-to-Air Missile (AMRAAM). ARAAM.  McMillan Wrote Comparative Flight Plan Analysis for
the First Apollo Rendezvous Mission and a blue print for landing on the moon which was recognized for a
nomination for the Nobel Prize in Physics. Resides in Florida – will move to Nevada (is in his 90s).

Joe Carlson:  Managed various departments coast to coat for cumulative 16 years for Conagra, a $7.7
Billion Dollar corp.: including construction, liquidation of unprofitable assets and more: President for 10
years for Conagra’s JCServices” All around self motivated successful business manager.  

Attorney Louis Test:  Advisory for College of Agriculture, Biotechnology and Natural Science at University
of Nevada, Reno.

Garry C. Duncan: ……… President : Howard N. Rolfe  Institute of Science
(Resume' above: Executive VP, Icon International Foundation)

Advisory Board

J. Brian Gray:  Dean and Professor at Manderson Graduate School of Business.
Dr. Gray earned his MS and PhD in Mathematical Sciences from Clemson University. He has strong
background in Business Administration and Computer Science  

Shane Burgess: Vice President & Dean of College of Agriculture & Life Sciences at University of Arizona.

Kitty McKay: Thirty years experience in ‘Development,’ Director of Customer Experience and Foundation
Development for Carson Tahoe Health, a regional charitable health care system with a service area of
250,000 people. The Foundation works collaboratively with Nevada leaders to innovatively meet the needs
of the community. McKay will coordinate with RIS management for charitable assistance to those in need.  

Christine L. Bosson:   Corporate: Chief Operations Officer / Chief Financial Operations Officer, responsible
for over $100 Million Dollars investment fund.

Tebeau Piquet : Cattle Rancher, Winnemucca, Nevada. business owner, manager.

Brad Shultz:  University of Nevada, Reno: Professor of Agricultural Plant Science; Environmental Science &
Theoretical Production Ecology. Dr. Shultz is Vice President Humboldt Development Authority

Hudson Glimp:  Texas Scientist, Leader in initial Scientific Research & Development of “Unique,
Internationally Noted. Rafter 7 Marino Sheep.”

John McLain:  Owner, Resource Concepts Incorporated; Highly respected Consultancy in Natural
Resources, Neva

Douglas H. Perry: Retired: real estate business. US Navy, held Top Secret Government Clearance.

William Strohauer:  PhD Veterinarian Medicine. Operated his own Veterinary Hospital for 40 years; included
small animals; regenerative medicine and equine sports medicine,   Will maintain license for another ten

Broc Edwards:  Professor at Baylor University in Texas, Organizational Development:
travels periodically to Northern Nevada.

Gail Munk:   WASSER Think Tank (NV) New Technologies in Food & Food Production.

Harold D. Blethen: Icon Foundation V. P., Secretary,
Blethen is Founder and Director of the Foundation’s
Sight Quest Institute, previously known as Visionscope
Institute. Harold Blethen served Pacific Gas & Electric
(PG&E), in California, retiring after over 30 years in mid-
management positions, then served that corporation
as a consultant for a period of years. Blethen attended
Contra Costs Collage, receiving a BA in Social
Sciences but elected to forego continuing to a four
year college, with the offering of a position with
California’s PG&E. Blethen later became a member of
the Executives’ Group, a business consulting firm
in1999 until 2004. Though Mr. Blethen is Legally Blind,
he began serving Icon as Secretary in 1999.