"If a nation expects to be 'ignorant' and 'free' - in a state of civilization - it expects what never was and never will be."
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501 (c)(3) Educational and Charitable
MISSION:  To promote true education and also charitable causes that promote health and wellbeing of humanity as
well as those that may enhance mankind's mental and philosophical evolution in all that is fine and noble.
An Educational and Charitable Foundation:  501(c) (3);  509 (a)(1) and 170 (b)(1)(A)(ii)  Federally qualified since 1973
Howard N Rolfe Institute of Science (RIS) with University
of Nevada at Reno (UNR), College of Agriculture,
Biotechnology and Natural Resources (CABNR) plan to
conduct research, educational (degree programs) and
Intern programs at the new RIS facilities in collaboration
with UNR facilities.Mutual use of various laboratories and
other facilities will be available to professors and students
of both UNR and RIS. Also, RIS students will be enrolled
at UNR for credits and degrees.    
Thomas Jefferson   1816
The property chosen for the school campus is in North Eastern Nevada: The project is to include the new
Howard N Rolfe Institute of Science plus the initial million square feet of aquaponics farm plus a fish farm.
This farms project - a permanent,  'hands -on - student project' in collaboration with professors and research
scientists, is planned to be expanded domestically and internationally to assist in teaching the population of
our country and globally, to conserve resources and produce more vegetables and fruit with virtually no
water use except the water absorbed into the plants and only loss of unavoidable evaporation -
free with no GMOs added
. Funds from the amazingly large year around harvests of produce will
conveniently allow the Institute to have income for operations and scholarships. We anticipate a part of the
farms project to be operational no later than the end of the 12 month period following breaking of ground.   
Plans include the Farms project with laboratories for certified science laboratory personnel; the main Institute
educational  buildings andn a large Arts & Science Center: a campus large enough to ultimately include
recreational facilities. Consideration in the overall design for student and other residences will include
stringent security measures. This advanced farm system will ultimately be increased to 7,000,000 sq. ft.
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Internationally Known Scientists, and Professors:    Our System as developed through the combined efforts of
our Canadian engineer, our Russian-Canadian Scientist, and collaboration with Engineering America.
Our System is more highly advanced, by years than currently utilized, popular processes.

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WORLD FOOD above for information on our World Food Program and  "CDC Statistics."       
Crucial Points of following detailed project:  (1) Certified Disease Free foo;, (2) virtually no water loss except normal dehydration,
(3) More annual produce production with our advanced System than any other available system;  (4) no GMOs added,  (5)
Revenue fully supports facility and Institute and  pays full scholarships  for all qualified degree oriented students; (6) Intern
program and jobs for most Intern participants for expansion of project to other sites.  
"If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be."
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