(Some Details of Programs)

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A primary focus of the Foundation is to provide superior education resulting in
stability and a viable future for as many children as possible,

Icon's  I-EXCEL project (click the I-EXCEL button) includes among other things
lap-top computers for each child, in order that a child in a transient situation
such as movement from one foster home to another will be able to continue
scholastically without loss of time, failure of subjects and ultimately grades. The
scholar will also retain the continuous stabilizing force of their on-line teachers
and mentors. While most of these students remain enrolled in public schools
they fail due to loss of time during moves from one "home" to another.

(I)   We are striving to provide dorm or (initially) barracks type housing for
children aged-out of the foster system, with dinning room and study areas with
computers and an educational process geared to students earning a degree
within three years. .

(II)  Our "Futures For Children Fund"  is to provide computers, clothes, shoes,
warm jackets, and funds for school requirements which can be costly, can
cause hardship in households and without which the possibility of a positive
future for a child becomes negligible ( more details on "Programs")    

Icon Foundation's
colleges are to be small and will accommodate grades
through high school plus 3 years of on-line college study. All pre-college
courses will be accelerated.  Our intent is that these scholars will be sufficiently
advanced by the end of their 11th year - or before -  that they can enroll in
college on-campus or acquire their degree on-line while residing on Icon
campuses, or elsewhere.

This program has many benefits, but here are three:  (1) precious time saved,
(2) monetary savings in the difference between 3 or 4 years at a university to
achieve a degree, (3) the resulting quality of contribution as an adult, head of
family and to society. The Foundation intends to work diligently to arrange
/provide college scholarships for students needing same who are enrolled in
its accelerated scholastic program.

Ours may be considered a slightly radical approach to education of youngsters.
However, we believe a radical new approach to this subject is absolutely
needed. Our
colleges will probably not be for the boy looking for a football
scholarship. But we believe our approach
is what is needed for the vast
majority of boys and girls in today's world (not just the homeless).

Through research we have discovered: Approx. 73% of
ALL of America's
47million public school students are below proficiency in mathematics and
reading, and 70% of these students graduate from high school!  50% of students
from families in lower income ranges fail in even the most basic skills in any of
their respective grades and should they reach grade 12 they are about 4 grade
levels behind the other students in scholastic achievement - meaning , since
50% of these children graduate, that upon a school arbitrarily graduating them,
they are still not equipped to go out into the work force.  

Many children attend schools where the system is adequate according to law
but in reality do not provide a substantial education. Statistics from research
organizations reveal to us that many among our brightest children spend years
in foster care, losing from weeks to months of class time every time they must
change schools. Many repeat grades due to this. Many "give-up" and drop out.  
As they become homeless we then have child prostitution, thievery, drugs,
disease, incarceration, murders and suicides. Former foster care children, as
adults, are more likely to abuse alcohol and other drugs and become in poor
mental and physical health.

Generally, the less education, and the poorer quality the education, the more
frequently people become homeless, dependent on state services and support,
and then become incarcerated.
This means wasted lives and fruitless
government spending of our tax dollars!!

1)  Icon's I-EXCEL program is primarily to provide for the child whose chances
for a positive future may otherwise disappear, slipping into the cracks of
2)  Our accelerated scholastic program will also be available for students who
do not require Icon to pay full tuition, but whose parents cannot afford full
tuition, but wish a superior education for their children. I-EXCEL will put these
students far ahead of their constituents.

(Our plan for small, unique
colleges with individual homes on the campuses will
provide residences for several children per home with qualified and caring,
house parents. Other housing is planned for children after completion of high
school, where students can live and acquire their college degree through
continued on-line study from any one of many of our top universities.)   

Please click on  "I-EXCEL" for total information and statistics.